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During my short trip to Seattle, I thought it might be fun to rent a car and drive down to Portland to do some exploring and to see a high school friend of mine, especially since it was only a three hour drive away.  I got one of these, though — cited for driving “65+ in a 60 zone”.

I was not speeding.  I was driving in an unfamiliar place in an unfamiliar vehicle.  My passenger was asleep, and I had been following the same cars for miles.

Anyone who knows me well will know that I tend to let things go and that I know how to pick my battles.  I’ve experienced a lot of injustices, but I still let a lot of things roll off me and take the high road because they either aren’t worth my a)time, b)money, and/or c)my stressing over (stress can cause belly fat and aging! ;).

So it says a lot when I say — I’m fighting this.

After much research and the help of some kind netizens, here are my next courses of action:

  1. File a motion for a hearing with the court
  2. Wait for my court date
  3. Make a request for discovery from the prosecutor
  4. If the discovery materials arrive, I’ll analyze them and figure out the next course of action
  5. Next course of action is either:
    a) go to court myself
    b) hire an attorney to represent me in court
    c) hammer out a request for a Decision by Written Statement
    d) request for deferral

If it gets to step 5, I’m likely going with option B.  Here’s why: hiring an attorney will cost as much as a deferral does and will heighten my chances of winning, and if I win, besides not giving money to the state of Washington for something that’s totally unfair, I also wouldn’t have a car insurance hike and points on my driver’s license.  I may also request to see other tickets written that day based on that radar.  By the way, I have never, ever gotten a ticket of any sort before.

I knew I’d be stimulating Washington’s economy a bit with my visit.  Just not in such a way.

To be continued.

Armed with a rental car on my last night in Seattle, I decided to hit up as many touristy attractions as possible, and the infamous Gum Wall was one of them.  I hit up Pike Place Market at around midnight. I had my app opened up and it kept telling me that I was already there, yet there was no gum to be seen, so I went down a flight of stairs and lo and behold — gum.

Lots and lots of gum.

I was lucky enough to discover this lovely little spot, Victrola, just around the corner from where I’m staying in downtown Seattle.  I’m in Seattle.  I have to get coffee.

Today! Is it weird that I’m most excited for the infamous gum wall?  I’ll be in Seattle and Portland this week and would love to get more travel recommendations.

By the way, this gorgeous and super functional and helpful screen shot is from the app of Trippy, the new social travel company that I work for.  Check it out!

Ham cracklin’s with warm black truffle fondue = Quite possibly the most amazing nachos I’ve ever had.

I had this at the Coterie Room in Seattle.  When the awesome bartender, Phil, saw me taking this photo, he said, “So when you go back to San Francisco and show your friends this awesome dish that you had at this awesome restaurant, you can tell them…” and he went on to explain the preparation and cooking process of ham cracklings in great detail, which turns out, is really friggin’ tedious, yet really friggin’ cool.