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No matter how hard I worked out, I’ve never really been one to sweat. However, after I upped the ante on my workouts during the last three weeks, I noticed that I’ve been increasingly sweating.

How did I up the ante? Well, I used to work out every few days or so, but starting a few weeks ago, I incorporated running more heavily into my routine. Running at least once a day, preferably first thing in the morning. I also switch up my work outs every day, incorporating bench pressing, weight lifting, use of various machines, various styles of yoga, etc.

I’ve also taken to walking long distances since the weather has been so nice. Walking miles across cities in the East Bay, or walking across the city in San Francisco. When I’m not taking insanely long walks, my daily fitness routine is anywhere between 2.5-4 hours long, divided over the course of the day.

With my old work outs, I normally get a little moisture, but I noticed that over the last few weeks, I was sweating more and more each time. I pretty much never sweat in room temperature yoga classes, but here I was, breaking a sweat. Yesterday was the breaking point — after running a mile on the treadmill, I had a nice coat of sweat all over me. In the middle of my next workout, an arm routine on a machine, I was sweating buckets and actually started dripping on the machine. Oh. My. God. I was that person at the gym who desperately needed a towel.

What’s up with this increased sweating though? I’ve ran further than that, and have done more intense workouts before, but why have I been sweating so much more? So I took it to the internet to find out.

Here’s something interesting that I read on FitSugar:

"There is a myth that people who are out of shape or are just starting to exercise sweat more profusely. This is generally not true, as sweating during exercise is a sign of more efficient cooling. An athlete who has adapted to keep the body core temperature cool during exercise will move more blood to the skin’s surface quickly and thus release heat more efficiently from the body. It could be that you are working out more regularly now compared to when you were younger and thus are more efficient at cooling by sweating. However, in my research on the topic of sweating and aging, typically the number of sweat glands decreases with age, so I don’t think that age has anything to do with why you are sweating more."

I got this off of a website for some fat burning pills, but still interesting no less:

"Sweat is an indication that your body temperature is rising. Now why else may your body be getting hot other than the fact that your internal temperature is rising due to an increase in internal activity such as the conversion of calories and fat to energy. It may even be due to muscle formation. That’s right, when you are sweating you may just be starting to lose some weight and tone up and that is not a bad thing is it?

A very real effect of an increased metabolism is that you may start to sweat a little more than you did before. This is great and it is advised to drink even more water to allow the sweat to also flush those toxins right out of your body so that you not only lose weight but also become more healthy at the same time. You will find that a strange effect that sweating has is that after you have had your good sweat and have washed down, you have a nice “feel good about yourself” feeling.”

I found this comment on a BodyBuilding.com form the most interesting:

"Basically, when you exercise the main way you keep your body cool is by sweating. An athlete who has adapted (through exercise/training) to keep the body cool during exercise will shunt blood to the skin’s surface more quickly and release heat from the body. At the same time the sweat glands increase their output and so cool the body through sweat evapourating. Therefore the fitter you are the more effectively you keep your body cool = the more you sweat. Training harder, for longer, in hotter and a more humid environment, will also make you sweat more.

Genetics - some people simply sweat more than others
Body Size - larger people tend to sweat more than smaller people
Fitness - more fit people sweat more and in larger volumes
Environment - sweat losses are higher in hot, humid conditions
Exercise Intensity - as intensity increases, sweat loss increases as well”

I never thought I’d enjoy sweating, but it’s a surprisingly satisfying feeling, and I’m glad that my body is adapting well to my new routine and cooling me off more efficiently.

And I have to add, I caught a glance at myself in the mirror while I was sweating buckets yesterday and must say — I thought I looked pretty damn sexy with slightly reddish cheeks while my skin was all shiny. I just had a glow about me.

#teamsweat for sure :)